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Metal Casting

Unique Awards Using Metal Casting

If you’re in the market for awards recognising outstanding performance, be it on the sports field or in the business environment if you want your team members to really vale their award then you’ll want it to be substantial, weighty and stand out from the crowd. There are literally thousands of off the shelf awards, but to get something special you’re going to have to find a company that specialises in metal casting.

Metal casting is a process whereby the liquid metal is poured into a receptacle constructed of another material which can be a variety of materials, from sand to wax for example, where it assumes the shape of the hollow in that material. Metal casting allows you to use your imagination when it comes to designing an award. Within reason, for example all the parts need to be connected within the mould you can let your imagination run riot. Corporate logo’s fun themes, sporting achievement recognition, even mini Oscars are possible, it’s up to you.

The metal casting technique allows you cast a variety of different metals, usually those which have a low melting temperature, for example the oldest known cast metal object is a cast metal frog from 3200 BC. Other materials can be cast such as concrete and epoxy. You can see examples of concrete casting at your neighbourhood garden store where ornamentation is commonly made using the casting technique. Manufacturers can even make a passable imitation of marble by casting different colours of resin together.

Metal casting is used primarily to make objects for ornamentation, or for uses such as awards. When ordering your metal cast awards ask to see examples of the company’s previous work. Rough metal casting usually has edges that need to be trimmed and ground down. This is perhaps where the most finicky work comes in, because without proper finishing metal casting can result in awards that look unfinished and cheap. Always make sure that the company that you deal with has a reputation for supplying quality goods.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of metal casting then contact us.

Corporate Gifts And Awards

Unique Corporate Gifts And Awards

Don’t just choose from a catalogue or list of stock items when selecting corporate gifts and awards and rather find out whether you can have these items custom made. Custom made corporate gifts and awards are uniquely tailored to meet your specifications and requirements.

This means that you will be able to offer exclusive items to any individuals within your organisation or with whom you have business dealings. You should also choose from more than one type of corporate gifting idea to offer different individuals different products.

For tailor made corporate gifts and awards to meet your unique requirements, you should contact us today.

Corporate Gifts In Pretoria

Corporate Gifts In Pretoria For Small To Medium Businesses

Corporate gifts in Pretoria have been largely associated with large business enterprises and organisations in the past. It has however become more popular for smaller companies to present their clients, customers and business partners with corporate gifts as specific times of the year or throughout their business year.

Not only does this provide these people with a sense that they are valued by the small to medium business concern but acts as a great marketing tool depending on the type of corporate gifts that are chosen by the organisation.

For assistance in choosing corporate gifts in Pretoria for your small to medium business enterprise, you can simply contact us.