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Engravers and the Art of Etching

Engravers can etch a design or phrase onto just about any hard material using a variety of engraving tools or even laser engraving technology. Engraving is an art form and requires a steady hand as well as a creative imagination. Engravers mostly employ their craft on items such as jewellery, plaques, trophies and medals.

Make sure that the information and design is correct before handing it over to the engraver so that no errors are made. Once the work has been completed it may difficult to remove the etching and start over if any mistakes have been made.

To find engravers that employ a variety of techniques to etch and engrave any item which you would like to customise, please contact us.

Custom Sport Trophies

Custom Sport Trophies for any Sporting Event

Every athletic event is unique in its own fashion and it is important to award the winner of each event with custom sport trophies or medals. Each trophy or medal can be fashioned to depict the nature of the event and can be engraved to state the date and as well as name and any other details of the winning athlete.

Custom sport trophies can be made from a variety of materials from clear materials such as glass or acrylic or more traditional bronze or other metal alloy. The trophies range in sizes and you can choose a size that best suits your requirements as well as the sports occasion.

To find out more about custom sport trophies for your next athletics or sports event, simply contact us for all the information that you need.

Custom Rugby Medals

Custom Rugby Medals for Each Member of a Rugby Team

Each member of your sports team deserves to receive custom rugby medals at some point no matter how large or small the role that they play within the team. Each medal can be made to your sole specifications to depict the reason for it being awarded to a certain member of your rugby team. For instance, a man kickingĀ  a ball on a medal can be handed to the player who has stacked up the most points during the rugby season by kicking the ball through the posts. You can also choose from a range of stock medals if the design and casting process of custom rugby medals takes too long or is inconvenient in any other way.

Simply contact us and we will assist you in choosing a design as well as a material which will best suit the custom rugby medals that you would like to have made.