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Medals and Staff Empowerment

How Medals Can Feature in Your Staff Empowerment Plan

Everyone involved in marketing will know how important it is to recognise accomplishments and rewards. Positive reinforcement is a lot more effective than negative reinforcement. It is hard to keep a sales department motivated, and they are only effective if they feel that they are contributing to a particular cause – even if it requires enough sales of sweets or items that would be otherwise directed at a niche market.

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Plaques and other Branded Trophies

Elevate Your Brand with Plaques and Other Branded Trophies

Most marketing plans need a boost every now and then. If the vast amount of revenue in terms of advertising via television, print, or radio is not as effective as it should be any more, other steps need to be taken to bolster motivation and sales.

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Boost Your Brand With Corporate Gifts

How Corporate Gifts and Modern Media Can Boost Your Brand

One of the cornerstones of any marketing strategy is to ensure that visibility is as high as possible. There is simply no point in having a brand or a product if nobody knows it exists. The goal is to create as much exposure of the brand, product, or service as possible, and there are a wide variety of ways to achieve this goal. Launching or promoting a brand is not an easy feat – you have to know your target market very well. You need to tune into the things they like and why they like them. This is just one of the reasons that corporate gifts provide an edge in a way that nothing else can.

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