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Trophies and Awards

Winning might not be everything, but it’s certainly something. We all like to win, and more than that, we like to be recognised for it. Trophy and Medal Boutique has the perfect selection of trophies and awards for such an occasion. Whether it’s a premium corporate award, a large sporting event or even a school prize giving, we can supply you with trophies and awards that meet your requirements.

You can choose an award from our extensive selection of trophies and medals, including general and sport specific designs, or you can have one custom made for you according to your specifications. We also do the engraving for trophies and awards, allowing you to brand a trophy with your company logo or the name of the winner.

For more information on our range of trophies and awards, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique.

Plaque for Trophy

Award ceremonies can be invaluable. It provides a way to recognise achievements, serving as encouragement for future performance. While Trophy and Medal Boutique can provide you with beautiful trophies, we can also supply you with a premium engraved plaque for your trophy.

So what’s the use of a plaque for a trophy? A plaque gives you the opportunity to personalise the award, giving it more stature for the recipient. Our engraving is of the highest standard, and we have the ability to engrave your company logo on the trophy providing excellent branding opportunity. We can also provide you with a floating trophy featuring a plaque on which each new recipient can be engraved.

Contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique for more information on our wide range of award pieces and to find out what possibilities there are for a plaque for a trophy.

Plaques for Trophies

Add some pizzazz to your award ceremony by personalising the trophies handed out at the event. Not only can you get a wide range of trophies, but also engraved plaques for trophies. We stock a wide range of trophies both generic and designed for specific sports, and we have the ability to also create custom trophies designed according to your requirements.

The plaques for trophies provides you with the opportunity to brand the award, personalise the awards or create a floating trophy that can be engraved whenever there is a new recipient. At all times we ensure that our engraving is of the highest standard, and we can even engrave your company logo on the plaques for trophies.

To find out how you can order your custom trophies and engraved plaques for trophies, contact us at Trophy and Medal Boutique.