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Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Engraving For The Creation Of Beautiful Wedding Invitations

When thinking of beautiful wedding invitations one may immediately imagine a stunning or card based invitation embossed and stylishly decorated. Although certainly true, there are numerous other options which will set your invitations apart from the rest.

Laser Engraving

With laser engraving it is possible to transfer an image onto a plastic, metal, wood or even paper based material. Nothing says attention to detail as well as engraving. Trophy & Medal Boutique offers clients a wide range of engraving possibilities ensuring the most beautiful wedding invitations of all time.

Selection of Wedding Invitations

Carefully consider how many guests you will invite. If you plan on inviting a hundred or more guests, creating a personalised item for each may not be cost effective. If you want to have an intimate wedding then you will be able to create beautiful wedding invitations, which are personalised without breaking the bank in the process.

Select engraved stationary that is compatible with computer printers or as an alternative let us engrave all the information on your behalf. With the method of engraving used there is no ink running or smearing and you will not have the problem of flaking. With such, you can expect a rather distinctive appearance and something that not only looks amazing, but is also pleasant to touch.

Why Engraving To Create Beautiful Wedding Invitations?

When an invitation is engraved, it represents quality and certainly shows what can be expected. Elegance is portrayed and with that then your guests will immediately know that the reception will be one set in style. Engraving, although now done through state of the art equipment, is rather traditional and thus something that has stood the test of time.

Let Trophy & Medal Boutique help you transform ordinary invitations into beautiful wedding invitations. Contact us for more information and assistance.

Affordable Wedding Gifts

Engraving Transforms Affordable Wedding Gifts Into Personalised Items

The benefit of giving an engraved gift is that it is personal. It shows that you have gone the extra mile to ensure personalisation. As such, the most affordable wedding gifts are often the items bought at Trophy & Medal Boutique where we also do engraving. A set of glasses housed in a high quality wooden case, and upon which engraving has been done, will set you apart from the rest of the gift presenters.

Engraving for Personalisation

Not only do the above fall within the category of affordable wedding gifts, it is also unique. Such a gift can even become a family heirloom. Marked with the date of the wedding, and the bridal couple’s names you ensure that the gift will be kept and appreciated for a long time to come.

Trophy & Medal Boutique doesn’t only focus on engraving and provision of affordable wedding gifts, but also provides a wide range of engraved products such as trophies, key rings, badges, doctor office name plates, and promotional items for branding with the likes of umbrellas upon which printing is done as well as a range of medals.

Professional Services

It is imperative to select an engraver with years of technical experience as even the most affordable wedding gifts can be transformed into something special by means of printing, laser marking or engraving upon it. An expensive gift can, however, also be completely destroyed in value if the marking or engraving is unprofessionally. As a trusted supplier of trophies, medals, and other awards to schools and corporates alike, Trophy & Medal Boutique is the best choice when it comes to wedding gifts and engraving upon such. Whether it is one of your employees or perhaps your boss who is about to be wedded, you will appreciate the range of gifts and the personalisation possible through professional engraving, printing, and marking on the items.

Contact us for more information and quotes for affordable wedding gifts today.

Quality Laser Cutting

Quality Laser Cutting On A Variety Of Materials

Trophy & Medal Boutique makes use of high quality laser cutting, alternatively known as laser marking to engrave objects, ensuring stunning end-results. Precision work ensures that detail is highlighted. It is the ideal method for marking products where printing upon will not be possible.

Trophies, medals, company name bars, key rings, and badges are amongst the items where quality laser cutting can be used for the purpose of marking and branding. Laser cutting used in the above manner is also known as laser engraving.

High Quality Laser Cutting On Wood

Images can be engraved on wood such as oak and maple. The process of engraving on wood is known as image burning.  Burning can also be done on fibre board as well leather goods.

Engraving on Plastics

Acrylic plastics can be engraved although we don’t recommend quality laser cutting on styrene products as these items tend show signs of melting at the laser points. You want maximum contrast to ensure detail and as such surfaces that are at risk of showing ripples or soft edges are not suitable. Bakelite is also suited for quality laser cutting, but plastics such as silicon based plastics should not be engraved.

Metal, Glass, & Jewellery Engraving

Silver coated metal can be engraved and a stunning end-result is possible. Glass is normally sandblasted because laser cutting tends to create fractures, but with precision work it is possible to also apply quality laser cutting or rather marking and engraving on glass items such as glass trophies. Both curved and flat surfaces can be engraved by means of laser technology ensuring that jewellery can be marked as well.

We offer high quality laser cutting services to brand promotional items, gifts, trophies, medals, key rings and badges, all of which are available from Trophy & Medal Boutique. Contact us for more information and quotes.