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Custom Soccer Medals

Die Casting and Custom Soccer Medals

It is not necessary to have trophies made for each member of your soccer team every time they win a match or tournament. You can have custom soccer medals for each player in variety of designs and from a number of materials.

A die is caste in the specific design that you have chosen for your custom soccer medals to ensure that each medal is identical. The molten metal that you have chosen is then poured into the caste and rapidly cooled. Each medal is then hung from a ribbon or strip that you have selected for the custom soccer medals.

To find out more about the process used to make custom soccer medals and have a die caste to match your distinctive design, please contact us.

Custom Soccer Trophies

Have Custom Soccer Trophies made

Keep the sponsors of your soccer team happy by having custom soccer trophies made. The trophies can be made to include the logo or company name of the sponsor as well as be cast in a number of designs and styles.

Custom soccer trophies can also be made from a variety of materials from glass or acrylic to bronze or even gold. Any information that you would like to have reflected on the trophy can be engraved or etched onto plaque on the trophy stand or on the trophy itself.

To find out more about custom soccer trophies and the wide range of options available to you, please contact us.

Team Trophies

Award your Employees with Team Trophies

Being part of a team gives you a sense of belonging and allows you to feel as if you are needed to fulfil a certain function within a group dynamic. It is vital that your employees feel this way in the work place so that they can perform optimally in their job description. Team building exercises and team trophies can go a long way towards achieving this in your company.

Simply contact us and you can choose from a selection of stock team trophies to offer your employees for working well as part of a team. We can also customise team trophies to reflect the nature of the award and any unique requirements that you may have.