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Custom Made Trophy Design

Instead of settling for the boring old traditional trophy in the form of a cup, why not consider having a custom made trophy manufactured. You can choose any design to represent what the trophy is being awarded for or you can have a specialised artist or graphic designer create the perfect design for you. There are also a wide range of materials from which the trophy can be made. You can choose traditional bronze or other metals or you can opt for a more modern glass or acrylic trophy. Find out more about sand blasting, etching and engraving which can add to the distinctive design of your custom made trophy.

For more information on how you can go about having a custom made trophy designed and manufactured according to your specifications, please contact us.

Ordering A Custom Rugby Trophy

Rugby is a game played by thugs and watched by gentleman but the goal is always to walk off the field holding the trophy high at the end of the game. You can have a custom rugby trophy designed and manufactured according to your unique specifications to ensure that the moment is more meaningful to the winning rugby team. Remember to ensure that you can have the winning teams’ names, dates and other important information engraved on the trophy to last an eternity.

To ensure that your rugby team is aptly awarded for winning with a custom rugby trophy, please contact us.

Custom Medal Supplier And Manufacturer

Medals are normally manufactured by casting a die in the design of the medal you wish to produce. A die is a form of a mould and can produce any number of medals that are identical. A custom medal supplier can create a die from any design that you choose. Most medal manufacturers can also assist you in the design process. You can choose from a variety of metals for your custom medals to be made from. You can also choose to have the medals engraved or etched with any information that you would like reflected.

To find out more about the process of creating unique medals from a custom medal supplier, please contact us.