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Pillar Trophies and More

Use Customised Pillar Trophies to Show Your Appreciation

Trophies are symbolic of the appreciation you feel towards your team members, students or staff for their dedication and hard work during a tough season or year. Businesses, schools and charities often wish to recognise individuals who deliver exceptional contributions to the organisation. Additionally, victors of sports tournaments who bring great acclaim to their sports teams and organisations also deserve special recognition for their efforts.

Customised and tailored pillar trophies engraved with a special message of appreciation can go a long way towards fostering goodwill and positivity among team members or employees. It is a fantastic way to show them that you put some thought into the trophy to illustrate their individualism and that their contributions are recognised and appreciated.

Different Awards for Different People

Awards come in all shapes and sizes, including conventional trophies and crystal or acrylic awards. You don’t need to break the bank in order to afford the best quality trophies and medals available on the market, and you can still afford beautifully customised awards while keeping a lid on the costs. After all, it is about the recognition that the award signifies. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have many years of experience and expertise in producing the finest quality pillar trophies and many other types of awards.

Since our inception in 1989, we have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom and stock trophies, medals and other awards. Our industry reach continues to grow, and we can guarantee countrywide and Southern African delivery, as far as the Middle East. Let us help you find the ideal award to show your appreciation to your team members, and recognise their contributions to your organisation.

Creative Awards, Promotional Gifts and Signage Solutions

Companies across South Africa are already looking towards year-end promotional gifts to clients, as well as awards and trophies to their staff. Trophy & Medal Boutique is founded on the principles of delivering innovative and dynamic products to our customers, to add value to their organisations and to bring to life their visions for beautiful and quality awards.

Whether you are looking for pillar trophies, lapel badges, corporate awards or promotional items, we have the quality and competitively-priced solutions that you are after. Speak to us today to learn more about our organisation, and for all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. We look forward to providing you with beautifully customised pillar trophies.