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Plaques of Recognition

3 Ways to Improve Employee Recognition | The Role of Plaques in Employee Recognition Efforts

Many organisations do the bare minimum when it comes to employee recognition. Employees often simply get by feeling unappreciated, and that is a major mistake on a business owner’s part. Too many companies simply do not realise just how powerful sincere and regular employee recognition can be. The impact of recognition in the workplace can result in noticeable motivation, productivity, engagement, and of course, employee retention. We would like to share three top ways that you can improve employee recognition, including making use of our range of plaques.

  • Provide written recognition. Writing a letter of achievement or recognition is something that an employee can keep on file for future promotion purposes and to include on their CV. Such a letter is considered highly valuable, and will undoubtedly boost your employee’s confidence and sense of worth.
  • Provide a company branded gift and verbal praise. When an employee achieves certain goals and passes thresholds, provide something in return. Perhaps a branded business card holder, an engraved watch, an achievement medal, or similar. These keepsakes will provide a reminder of what hard work can achieve.
  • Publicly present an award that can be displayed at the business premises. This is where our plaques come in. A plaque with the achievement and the employee’s details makes for the ideal recognition to be presented at corporate or team awards ceremonies (even company meetings). Plaques can be presented on a company “wall of fame”, so that it increases the competitive edge in the workplace.

Why Recognition is Important

It is a proven fact that recognition is an effective way of reinforcing favourable behaviour. The more you recognise and praise someone for behaviours and outcomes that you want, the harder people will work to keep up that particular standard. Also, an employee that feels recognised, appreciated, and valued will be a loyal, hardworking, and productive person in the workplace.

Design Plaques for Employee Recognition

A big part of using plaques for employee recognition is making sure that the award is something that recipients actually like. The first step is to choose a plaque that is aesthetically appealing by design. We have a range of plaques for you to choose from. The next step is to get the plaque engraved. We can assist you with that too. To learn more about our range of plaques, simply get in touch with us. You can send us an email or give us a call for further information and advice today.