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What Can You Do with Plaques?

You’ve probably seen plaques before and, no, we’re not referring to plaque that your dentist will need to take care of (though your dentist may just have a plaque or two hanging on their office wall).

They are mainly used for the purposes of awards, rewards, and recognition in some way or another. They can also be used as signs and nameplates. You might have seen one sitting on your doctor’s desk or door, usually proudly displaying their credentials alongside their name. Plaques can even be given as gifts, so you can commemorate that special someone in your life.

The Different Types of Plaques

While they are versatile in use, they are also varied when it comes to the many different types you can get and choose from.

The material that a plaque can be made from has no limit. Your imagination does not have to stop at just plain old metal. You can have plaques made of crystal, glass, and even wood. You can also combine materials if you want, like framing a metal plaque in wood to give it that executive feel. Or maybe you want something that screams innovation, in which case glass with aluminium accents can be just what you’re looking for. Of course, all of these types can also be engraved for a more personal touch.

There are different processes and techniques when it comes to plaques if you want to get more technical. There are etched plaques that are great for lettering, and it can be done with many metals of varying thicknesses. Lettering can also be done using engraving techniques, though it should rather be used on aluminium or brass plates for better results. If you want to add something more personal to your plaque, you can try a portrait, whereby an image is imprinted onto the plaque. Cast plaques are the most common. This is where patterns and designs are pushed into the plaque and the indentation is then filled with molten metal for a more polished look.

Trophy & Medal Boutique is Here for You

If you are now thinking about investing in this unique item, Trophy & Medal Boutique can offer you a wide range of plaques. We use materials like aluminium, brass, wood, granite, and glass. We can also etch them for you with either shallow branding or deep cuts.

With years of experience behind us, you know that you can trust our workmanship. We have been in business with many clients over the years, from the Botswana Defence Force to the Lions and Santam. So, contact us today if you are in need of top-quality trophies and awards.