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Professional Glass Sandblasting

Acquire Professional Glass Sandblasting Services in Gauteng

Sandblasting has been around for many years and is used to etch a pattern or image onto a glass surface. Different variations can be achieved by using sand with different degrees of coarseness. A rich textured appearance can be achieve by glass sandblasting with a variety of sand particles.  The sand is projected at high speed onto the surface of the glass, which corrodes it and gives it a milky white appearance. A mask is used to protect the areas of the glass where the sandblasted effect is not desired. While the surface is not entirely see-through anymore, the glass still transmits light through its surface, which gives an attractive and creative appeal.

Sandblasting can be used on just about any glass object and at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we can use it to brand a variety of items, including our range of glass trophies. It has become quite a popular way of branding or “engraving” trophies in recent times, and with our professional assistance, you can achieve that sleek, ultra-modern finish that you undoubtedly have in mind for your trophies and awards. We have glass trophies of various sizes and styles available, and also ensure that images of these trophies are made available on our website for you to view. When looking for glass sandblasting services from us, simply provide us with your artwork so that we can create the mask and get to work on your chosen items. You can expect a crisp and clear sandblasted result – every time.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we strive for excellence, so you can expect for your sandblasting order to be dealt with professionally and with accuracy. We understand that the end result is of the utmost importance to you and will therefore provide you with our dedicated attention to detail. Since we opened our doors for business in 1989, we have been focused on providing our clients with a service that is simply second to none. Our range of products is also designed to offer exceptional quality and value for money.

When looking for professional glass sandblasting services in Gauteng, we are just the place to turn to. It is important to trust all of your sandblasting and engraving tasks to a team that has experience in the field. Get in touch with us at Trophy & Medal Boutique and we will ensure that you are provided with a detailed quotation on our services.