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Purchasing Affordable Medals and Trophies

Purchasing Affordable Medals and Trophies

There are always good reasons to buy awards and accolades. Maybe you have an awards evening coming up or a big event where prizes will be handed out. Perhaps you just want to give someone a unique gift to celebrate them and their achievements.

Whatever the reason, like most of us, you probably want the best quality and design without having to spend a large amount to get it. Luckily, medals and trophies can be quite affordable to purchase if you know where to go. As an industry leader in Africa, Trophy & Medal Boutique offers the finest medals and trophies at competitive prices.


More Affordable, Top-Quality Medals and Trophies

There are many things that could impact the cost of an item, but the most prevalent one when it comes to awards is the material used in the manufacturing process. Different materials will come at different costs, so knowing the price of these materials can help you make an informed decision.

The more affordable materials for trophies are glass and crystal. Still, these are high-quality, and they come in a much greater variety than wood or even metal. They are also customisable, so you get a more unique and special award by opting for these materials. This also means that you can spend less but, in return, receive a high-end award that looks sophisticated and sleek.

To add an extra personal touch to your uniquely designed trophies, top it off with glass engraving. Writing can be etched onto the glass, which is less likely to fade than other forms of engraving. Here at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we  offer a vast range of affordable trophies, from wood and metal to glass and crystal. We also offer engraving services right on the premises.

If you’re interested in purchasing affordable medals, then you’ll be glad to know that you can save money when it comes to purchasing medals as they can also be made from a variety of materials. Inexpensive materials used to make eye-catching medals are silver- or gold-plated or even gilded. The most affordable option is acrylic. Trophy & Medal Boutique can save you even more as we do not charge for the moulds if you order stock medals. Also, if you order 1000 medals or more, even if they are custom, we will not charge for the mould or “die” cast.

Contact us today to get a quote on our affordable, yet high-quality medals and trophies.