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Reward Achievement With Plaques

A Great Way to Reward Achievement

We uphold a time-honoured tradition of rewarding achievement, and that happens not only in sports but also in the academic and commercial arenas. In fact, as trophy makers know, there is a constant need for awards from all sectors of society. Thinking only of school sports, it’s apparent that of course there are annual student intakes, implying that each year there will be a percentage of awards that are not floating trophies but rather individualised, take-home-forever kinds of awards. Often these are plaques, which are personalised and for keeps. In other words, they go home with the recipient, never to be returned! Plaques have also increased in popularity by today presenting a host of different options in terms of their materials and design. It’s quite remarkable how everyone, from school kids up, recognises this award when they see one. The average dimensions and nature of these accolades maintain familiarity, notwithstanding that nowadays they toy with a host of avant-garde designs and diverse materials in manufacture.

Plaques go with you, they’re mobile records of your achievements, but most people hang them on a wall at home to best effect. Whether alternating between your mantelpiece at home and the office desk or fixed in place on a wall, these awards are handsome records of achievement that everyone admires. Deep etch plaques on a base of wood and metal are classic versions, but they can also come in brass (another classic and hard to beat), aluminium and glass mini boards. In fact, a remarkable aspect of these accolades is that everyone recognises what they are and that they’ve retained that familiarity no matter the development of different designs and using different materials. Making use of both legacy and modern materials, the plaques of today outshine anything produced in former times. Wood is warm and when polished, highly attractive, while the various metals have their individual allure, and glass of course is a whole arena on its own.

Trophy and Medal Boutique for Bespoke and Stylish Awards

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we have years of experience in designing, redesigning, and manufacturing plaques. Our professionals can steer you through avoiding the obvious mistakes when specifying plaques, showing you a range of designs and material options that are both affordable and genuinely unique. Be it for school or university awards, business accolades, or sporting celebrations, our plaques are the best rendition you can find, and we are affordably priced.

The trophies, medals and plaques we produce are always top-drawer and our customers give us rave reviews for our quality and smart design. Call on us and we’ll be happy to provide you with excellent quality, bespoke plaques.