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Why You Should Reward Your Employees with Trophies and Awards in 2018

One of the cornerstones of all business is the employees, and if they are motivated and happy at work, productivity increases, and they achieve much more. This means that companies benefit in all sorts of ways, and in the end, the worth of the business increases.

There are many things a business owner or business manager can do to keep employees motivated and increase their productivity levels – training and development, setting achievable targets, team-building exercises, sending them to conferences, and promotions. All of these help to steer the mindset of the employee into a better direction. There is, however, a dire need for employees to be acknowledged and rewarded for achievement or high levels of productivity, so planning an awards ceremony or staff event in 2018, where trophies and awards for achievements are celebrated and rewarded, is a great idea.

Here are some more reasons why you should give your best-performing teams and staff members trophies and awards in 2018:

  • Increases self-confidence: Being acknowledged in front of peers, colleagues, and senior management is a big boost to the confidence, and a confident employee is a better employee. If your staff members feel appreciated and celebrated, they will feel better about themselves and their jobs, and as a result, they will enjoy being at work more. This happiness, in turn, will inevitably result in higher productivity levels.
  • Boosts morale: When you reward your best-performing staff members or teams with trophies and awards, the way they feel about the business or the organisation will change, and the overall morale will improve. If you notice that the morale is low, one of the best ways to boost the morale of team members and staff members is to celebrate the fact that they are there, and that they are doing their jobs well.
  • Higher staff retention: A high staff turnover is directly linked to unhappy employees, and can have a very detrimental effect on the business. Every time an employee leaves, they leave with knowledge learnt from the business that they can apply somewhere else. Money now has to be spent on the recruitment process, and a new person has to be appointed. The new person will probably also have to go through a training process before becoming as proficient and productive in the new job as the old employee. In order to retain your staff, you have to reward them, and choosing this year to reward them with trophies and awards is one of the best ways to keep them happy.

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