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Sandblasting: The Premier Method for Engraving Your Glass and Crystal Awards

Want to present a token of appreciation to your hard-working executives with a glass award that they can be proud to display but now you’re in two minds over whether to laser or sandblast the awards? When engraving medals, trophies, or plaques, a popular alternative to laser engraving is sandblasting. While both methods have advantages and disadvantages, sandblasting is widely used in the awards industry – and for very good reasons.

Sandblasting Produces Sharp, Crisp, and Bright Engraving

Glass sandblasting, also referred to as etching, involves blasting sand particles onto the surface of the goblet or medal to create a frosting effect. With the use of a pressurised abrasive stream to cut into the glass surface, creating a deep and permanent mark, sandblasting gives superior results that far outweigh laser cutting. Flaunting a smooth and even cut, not only do you get a better quality etch, but this method allows for considerable intricacy of design.

One of the greatest benefits is that it gives you a license to be as creative as you like with the design. Allowing for greater flexibility, this etching method gives the cleanest, sharpest cut with smooth, even results. And you can even use colours to accentuate the pattern. A superior engraving method that delivers deep etching capabilities that produce unique effects – sandblasting creates one-of-a-kind awards, as each piece is done by hand.

The Results Are Always Far More Spectacular

But with every upside, there is always one tiny little downside. Because this engraving method is done by hand, sandblasting is labour intensive, making it slightly pricier than laser engraving. But the results are always far more spectacular, regardless of glass quality. Sandblasting designs turn awards into one-of-a-kind awards that will be treasured by those who receive them for years to come.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of glass awards that can offer professional, precision in-house sandblasting – we, at Trophy & Medal Boutique, are the professional engravers to talk to. We pride ourselves on offering professional, affordable awards, trophies, plaques, and medals to the market. Using the latest equipment, an expert graphic artist, and an expert engraver, all in-house, we provide the highest quality engraved glass and crystal.

Whatever the nature of your awards ceremony, your sandblasted glass awards will be treasured and cherished for many years to come. Chat with us about our crystal and glass awards and our superior services.