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School Trophies and Awards

The Importance of School Trophies and Awards

There has been a lot of speculation about the value of school trophies and awards. Some people believe in them, others don’t. Studies have, however, proven that these awards can go a long way towards motivating students to do better, and to hang in there when things get tough. Being rewarded for an achievement or an accomplishment sends a message that the effort is appreciated, and because most people function better with a positive reinforcement system, these school trophies and awards are there for a very good reason.

Most of us grew up in society where great effort and accomplishments are rewarded with some form of compensation. Societies and schools have for centuries chosen to not let accomplishment go unnoticed, and as a result almost all schools, colleges and academic institutions have some form of prize-giving every year to give recognition to the students who go to the extremes to perform well in any discipline within the academic, cultural, or sports environment.

The giving of awards first started as payment for loyalty by the Romans. Dedicated soldiers were given silver or gold coins to reward them for battles well fought, for innovation and for successful defence. This tradition has sustained itself in different forms and in various environments over the centuries that followed, and today we have a range of acknowledgements in a wide variety of industries and situations. From filmmaking to acting, dancing to singing, corporate bonuses and other gifts, to school trophies and awards.

What makes the giving of school trophies and awards so compelling is the results they achieve. As a norm, students are generally more prepared to go the extra mile to achieve well, because they feel that their efforts have been noticed by the people who matter. Being able to win an award in front of their peers also means that they stand out above the rest, and that there is something about them that is really special. This boosts self-esteem and a willingness to drive even harder when it comes to achievement. The winning of school trophies and awards also stimulates the learner to motivate peers and classmates to become more accomplished in a variety of ways.

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