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Soccer Award / Trophy

A Soccer Award or Trophy for Every Occasion

Nothing rewards a good game of football than a great soccer award or trophy at the end of a game or end of a season.  Many soccer players dream of getting the “man of the match” trophy, and others have bigger dreams – they want to be the player of the season, or the best club captain of the decade. But it is not only individuals that cover trophies – one of the best known trophies in soccer is the European Cup, and this trophy is made for an entire team.  Even those who do not play football will usually be able to recognise this very famous trophy!

Of course there are many levels of football or as it is known in some countries, soccer.  The levels of competition vary tremendously and range from junior school football clubs to world-wide events such as the world cup.  Of course the soccer award or trophy should also reflect the type of achievement and level of football celebrated.  For instance, a junior school trophy will be a lot less elaborate and smaller than a country club football award.  The more prestigious the event, the more expensive and stylish the trophy has to be.  Keep in mind that a trophy is a visual confirmation of something that has been achieved or a game that has been won.  It is a marked reminder of prowess and dedication, and is meant to a very visual piece.

A lot of focus is placed on an award or trophy, not only during the ceremony, but also afterwards.  It is always looked at – whether it sits on a mantelpiece, a display cabinet, or in an office, it is there to be looked at.  It is therefore essential that it very closely represents the type of achievement.  Nothing can dampen the spirits quite like getting a terrible, cheap little trophy for something that you have been pouring your heart and soul into for a long time!  You want to hold something of substance, feel it, look at it, and feel that your achievement has been acknowledged through this object, so, do keep in mind that finding the right one is essential!