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Soccer Medals

Who Are the Most Awarded Soccer Players of All Time?

Many people are interested in modern soccer player stars, but who are the superstars that forged the path for today’s soccer stars? Die-hard fans will be able to recall the most-awarded soccer players with ease, but if you would like to learn more about the recipients of some of soccer’s most valued medals, then read on. Find inspiration in the following list of excellent athletes, and let it inspire you and your team’s performance.

Diego Maradona – Argentinian

Diego, a seemingly diminutive player, led his club to their first two league titles, and a UEFA Cup win by 1990. He is also known for producing the “Hand of God” score, and the goal of the century, while en route to a World Cup victory in 1986. It is no wonder why Diego Maradona is one of the world’s most-awarded and revered soccer players of all times.

Michel Platini – French

Known as a do-it-all midfielder, Platini was revered for possessing a magic touch, combined with a scorer’s mentality. One of his biggest achievements is winning three consecutive Ballon d’Ors, while leading Saint-Etienne and Juventus to league titles, along with many other medals and trophies.

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