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Soccer Trophies

Soccer Trophies and Other Awards of Distinction 

In the sporting world, whether it is at a primary school, high school, university or professional level, rewards are required to keep the games competitive. At Trophy & Medal Boutique our Soccer trophies have become quite a popular item, and for good reason. While there are many teams that require these items for incentive, our products are guaranteed to provide product quality, value for money and just the right image for your club or team.

We are a company that has been serving the market since 1989 and have never since compromised on our passion for our products and customer satisfaction. Our team works hard to bring only the best quality medals, rewards and tokens to the market and we can guarantee that each item will simply impress. Our sporting trophies of this kind in particular are available in acrylic, wood, crystal, resin, glass and so on. We cater to a variety of preferences and will do our utmost best to source what you require, should you be looking for something unique. We also offer specially designed items if you are looking for something totally different.

Our team welcomes last minute orders should you find yourself stuck. Sandblasting and engraving can be arranged and we will ensure that everything is ready and delivered within good time for your prize giving or awards ceremony. You can expect to be presented with a collection of products that look and feel good, regardless of what you order. While we are located in Pretoria, Gauteng, we are able to assist anyone who knows what they are looking for.

Give us the opportunity to present you with a range of awards and related products that will take your next prize giving to new heights. Browse through our range on our website or chat to one of our sales consultants without delay.