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Special Engraving

Only Engraving Makes Something Special

If you watch the news or follow any National Geographic-type channels, you’ll notice that now and then, an engraved sword or helmet, or another weapon or objet d’art is dug up. It’s a remarkable testament to how engraving can still tell us exactly what it told others thousands of years ago despite the ravages of time. Small wonder that this artful practice has persisted from ancient times, as it remains one of the most durable inscription techniques around. Small wonder too, that we tend to engrave those items most precious and most emblematic of our lasting success - the trophies and medals we award to others and collect ourselves.

Especially with the bespoke alloys and finishes available in modern trophies (to not even mention the sandblasting and inscription techniques rendered in glass), engraving has been refined and improved. When we keep digging up engraved objects that are thousands of years old, it’s not hard to understand that engraving is a major preserver of legacy, in one way or another. In a very real sense, each engraved trophy, plaque or medal awarded to others is a unique object, as it will carry a name and time that is unique to that person’s achievement. Sure, The Comrades Marathon awards generic medals, but when thousands gather to race each year, we can forgive them! Even with a generic Comrades medal, the emblem and coin impression is a special, decidedly Comrades symbol.

To Make It Special, Engrave It at Trophy and Medal Boutique

Trophy and Medal Boutique is your one-stop-shop. We don’t only engrave but manufacture a wonderful array of trophies, medals and plaques. Of course, it’s not only trophies and medals that people engrave. We also engrave watches and other jewellery, and many a romantic offer has been clinched by just such an item! Think about how often your cellphone has died suddenly, or how many times a pen has run out of ink, or even how various objects’ presentation fades with time. The one thing we never doubt is that when we turn our watch over or open a locket around our neck, the engraving is still perfectly preserved. When we know today that the microscopic impressions left by engraving or stamping metals persist even when the inscription is rubbed off, we can appreciate just how truly durable engraving is.

When you want flawless engraving done with expert hands, come to Trophy and Medal Boutique. We’re specialist engravers and manufacturers, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best effect at a competitive price. When it’s worth marking for good, it’s worth having engraved at Trophy and Medal Boutique.