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Special Glass Trophies Awards

Special Glass Trophies to Last a Lifetime

A trophy is meant to last for years, often a lifetime. This is why it is important to consider the material that it should consist of. Most of the older trophies were usually made from wood or metal, but there are other options available today that allow you to get the most out of your award trophies.

Glass trophies are very popular and often more expensive. This is because the manufacturing costs of these items are higher, and it is a material that can last a lifetime. Glass is considered to be elegant and formal, which is perfect for trophies and other promotional items. It is something that shows quality and durability, and it is stylish as well. When you need to hand over an award to someone you want a trophy that is memorable and one that will fit in perfectly with the particular accomplishment. Glass is a very versatile material and it can be used for almost any type of award, especially since it can be made to fit any form and size. This material can easily be engraved when needed so it’s a very versatile material to work with.

Another benefit of glass trophies is their ability to be made into various colours such as blue, amber and red. This adds a personal touch to the items and it’s a great way for a company to fit them in with their overall branding and colours. Glass is much more elegant than acrylic, and it is also more affordable than crystal, making glass the preferred material to work with when creating customised trophies.

Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in special glass trophies that can be custom made for almost any occasion or event. The company can also provide professional engraving services for customers who require it and this is done on the premises.

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