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Special Wood Trophies Awards

Special Wood Awards to Wow Winners

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we always keep a close eye on emerging trends pertaining to all types of awards and the materials from which they’re made. Trophies made of wood were typically designed to represent shields and were free-standing or wall-mounted plaques, often with the addition of engraved metal plates, mini shields and moulded logos or figurines mounted on the front surface.

At a certain stage, special man-made materials became the exciting “in” thing in the award and trophy trade. Nowadays, however, there isn’t a great difference between the demand for trophies produced from natural or engineered wood and other modern man-made materials like acrylic, resin, or worked crystal.

Proud, Prime Position for Wooden Trophies

Nevertheless, it seems that special wood trophies and awards will always have a proud, prime position on walls, desks, mantelpieces and in glass-fronted display cabinets. The grain of natural wood is organically beautiful, and no two pieces of timber are identical. The colour and grain of every section of smoothly polished real wood trophies are rich, warm, unique, and enduring, as is the award.

Trends Come and Go

Trends, fashionable fabrics, crafts, and other aspects of human endeavour are subject to change. A process, substance or practice that at one time was hailed as being the best, most effective or ultimately desirable, inevitably falls out of fashion, only to be replaced by the latest invention or development that mankind creates in a constant striving for something newer and better.

Whatever was new, innovative, and novel outgrows its popularity, particularly when something newer comes along. Eventually, however, many of the old, discarded trends, materials, and perceptions re-emerge and regain popularity.

It does appear that there is now a clear, worldwide return to things that are natural. Timber is again just as sought-after as glitzy man-made materials, which were all the rage for some time. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, however, we cater for all preferences, with extensive ranges of award-related quality products, available to the trade in the southern and central areas of Africa, at affordable prices that will please every pocket.

Easy and affordable to create and customise, we recommend that you consider the aesthetic appeal, sense of presence and enduring qualities of a bespoke wooden art piece with which you recognise, thank and inspire your organisation’s winners and achievers, who put in so much effort to produce the performances that they do.

Wood makes a wonderful, enduring trophy and a special wood award – proudly given, delightedly received, and perfectly displayed – is something to treasure forever. We, at our trophy boutique, would like nothing better than to help you wow your winners with whatever award you choose.