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cup trophies

Cup Trophies

Popularity Of Cup Trophies As Awards For Sport & School Events

Cup trophies will never lose their appeal, especially in the school environment where tradition is kept regarding the awarding of appropriate trophies. Who can forget the olden days of award ceremonies when the awards were arranged on a table and you waited your turn to be called?

The same prestige associated with cup trophies back then is still applicable today. The size of the cup, the shape and whether it is silver or gold still provide some indication of the importance of the performance.

As such it is understandable that cup trophies are still amongst the most preferred awards at schools, colleges, sport clubs, and universities. Just take a moment to think of the World Cup Soccer trophy or perhaps World Cup Rugby award. The sheer size of the award, coupled with the prestige of being the holding team of such an award for a year to five years, makes it worth all the effort for the athletes.

The Cost of Trophies and Awards

For understandable reasons, one will want to consider the cost of making such a trophy, which is especially true when having to award several such trophies at one ceremony. The good news is that with the new technology of today, the cost of production can be kept at an affordable level. Durable materials are used ensuring no rusting or oxidation. In addition, one can still add a plaque at the bottom base.

We as a leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality awards and trophies for corporates, schools, clubs, and community organizers, have the experience, tools, and skills to produce custom and large quantity awards.

Whether you want a glass award or one of the more traditional cup trophies you will appreciate our range and the affordability associated with such.

Cup Trophy

At the end of most team sport tournaments, the overall winners receive a cup trophy. This trophy can permanently reside in the winners display cabinet or it can be a floating trophy. A floating trophy means that the winners can only keep the trophy until the tournament starts again in the new season. A small plaque is attached to the trophy so that wins can be inscribed with the teams name and the year in which they won the tournament. This inscription will remain on the trophy for all eternity so that everybody is aware of the accomplishments of various teams in the sport.