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custom trophies

Special / Custom Medals

Do you have an achievement to celebrate?  Try our Special and Custom-made Medals

Medals were historically used in roman war times to award bravery and good conduct, and were given to soldiers by the emperor as a reward.  These medals were coins made of various precious metals and carried different values.  Silver was more valuable than gold, and only the most prestigious achievers were awarded silver medals,  Other medals were made of gold, copper and bronze, each with their own value attached.  Special or custom-made medals only later became the norm, and we still use these today.

Nowadays medals are given as recognition of sporting achievement or academic prowess.  In many cases the use of medals have been replaced by various types of trophies and other awards, which may include all shapes and sizes, as well as a wide range of materials.  Trophies are now even made of acrylic materials!

If you need something truly glamorous for your ceremony, then we recommend our special or custom-made medals.  The ceremony of hanging a medal around the neck of a winner is dramatic and quite a spectacle and any achiever will be proud to have a medal that was especially created for them or for the event.

Medals can be tailor-made for a particular person, company or event, and any shape or form can be created. The medal can also be stamped with a logo or crest, and engraving can also be to make the medal a little more special.

If you are looking for a medal that will suit your discerning style and your budget, then contact us.  We have a wide range of ready-made and custom made medals, awards and trophies to suit all tastes and budgets.  Make sure that you get a unique piece that will carry a lot of value for the receiver, and will be reasonably priced, stylish and durable.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Made Trophy Design

Instead of settling for the boring old traditional trophy in the form of a cup, why not consider having a custom made trophy manufactured. You can choose any design to represent what the trophy is being awarded for or you can have a specialised artist or graphic designer create the perfect design for you. There are also a wide range of materials from which the trophy can be made. You can choose traditional bronze or other metals or you can opt for a more modern glass or acrylic trophy. Find out more about sand blasting, etching and engraving which can add to the distinctive design of your custom made trophy.


For more information on how you can go about having a custom made trophy designed and manufactured according to your specifications, please contact us.


Custom Sport Trophies

Custom Sport Trophies for any Sporting Event

Every athletic event is unique in its own fashion and it is important to award the winner of each event with custom sport trophies or medals. Each trophy or medal can be fashioned to depict the nature of the event and can be engraved to state the date and as well as name and any other details of the winning athlete.

Custom sport trophies can be made from a variety of materials from clear materials such as glass or acrylic or more traditional bronze or other metal alloy. The trophies range in sizes and you can choose a size that best suits your requirements as well as the sports occasion.

To find out more about custom sport trophies for your next athletics or sports event, simply contact us for all the information that you need.