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glass sandblasting

Glass Sandblasting – Styles

Glass Sandblasting – Styles and Art for Every Trophy

Sandblasting has been used for centuries to create images and emboss glass, and it is considered one of the most versatile engraving techniques.  A sand blasting tool called an air nozzle is used to blast very fine sand at high pressure against the glass, and this causes abrasions or engravings in a particular pattern.

There are different types of glass sandblasting – styles can vary quite considerably.  The use of various types of sand allow for a variety of different looks and finishes to the end product.  Often the etching has a layered and richly textured appearance which is very attractive with a sense of timeless beauty, and be enjoyed for a long time and cherished for life.

Sandblasting is typically used on glass, but can also be used successfully on crystal as well, and can be used to great effect on glass trophies and glasses.  Any kind of image or text can be blasted onto the surface which will allow the item to be personalised with logo or insignia, and a good sandblaster can create some amazingly artistic images with depth and texture.

Glass sandblasting styles can vary from simple one-dimensional text to large works of art with varied levels and textures.  It can be automated and done by machine or manually.  Machines normally operate via a template which it “looks” at and copies, while manual sandblasting is considered the fine art of a skilled artisan.

The sandblasting is usually done inside a type of blasting cabinet.  This cabinet captures the flying sand and glass dust, and prevents it from escaping into the room.  It also ventilates the blasting area to keep the view clear if blasting is being done by hand.  The artisan will typically stand in front of the cabinet and work through viewer with two gloves inside the cabinet.

If you need a stunning glass trophy or embossed crystal, then choose glass sandblasting – styles and engraving can be tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more information and for a look at our great sandblasted items we can produce for you!