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Metal Key Rings

Metal Key Rings

Metal Key Rings Branded With Your Company Details and Logo

Let’s face it; without key rings, many of us would be lost. These particular items are often overlooked for their convenience and functionality, until they are missing or unavailable that is. Metal key rings available on the market can be used for more than just attaching all of your keys and remotes together, but have great marketing purpose too. By purchasing these items and having your company name and logo engraved on them, you can be in the minds of hundreds, if not thousands of people on a daily basis.

Many companies choose to hand out these items for marketing purposes, free of charge to their clients. Of course for this to be possible you will need to ensure that you have access to a durable range that is guaranteed to look good and last long. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from and our team is more than willing and able to assist you with creating the perfect marketing item. Many of these can double up as bottle openers too and it is these multifunctional features that make them a sought after and appreciated item by your customers.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique we do not charge a mould and die charge to orders of 1000 pieces or more and we will happily emboss the company details on one side or both sides for you, at a cost-effective rate. While we have some existing items for you to choose from on our website, we are always delighted with assisting customers to create unique and new items for the sake of their business marketing. Simply chat to one of our consultants who will ensure your every need is met.

Allow us to take your company image and branding to new heights. View all of our tags, metal key rings or chains and similar items and start planning your new marketing campaign today.