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team medals

Medals for Rugby Team

Although it is unusual to present medals for a rugby team that has achieved success in their games, it is a way of ensuring that each team member receives an award for the part they played in the match. The man of the match normally receives a trophy but the other players are left without any form of reward for their efforts. Giving them each a medal will help them understand their value in the team and push them to aspire to greater success. These medals can be made from a variety of metals from gold inlays, silver, bronze to other alloys that are durable and long wearing.

Medals for Soccer Team


Soccer is a team sport and when the players win a game not each player will be able to take home the trophy at the end of the presentation. You can provide medals for your soccer team to keep forever. These medals can come in a range of sizes and are made from different materials. You can choose medals that are already in stock or you can design your own medals. Medals can be engraved with any information that you would like written on the surface. Make sure that all the information that you want on the medal is correct before the medals are made to eliminate the risk of any error occurring.