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Metal Trophies | Easily Order Top Quality Metal Trophies Online

Nothing can quite compare to the thrill of winning and receiving a trophy. In the sporting and academic world these items are used to reward individuals and teams for their achievements and efforts. Metal trophies have certainly had their place in all of our lives, right from pre-primary school and into our university and career years. Of course no one wants to be presented with an award that is below grade or of poor quality, so if you are in charge of sourcing the right medals and awards, then choosing from our extensive and top quality range at Trophy & Medal Boutique is advised.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique we offer a standard range of options for you to choose from, but do not feel that you are limited to these items. We are always more than willing to assist you with obtaining and creating new and unique custom made awards. All you need to do is chat to one of our friendly team members about the type and style of items you are looking for and we will go out of our way to ensure that these needs are met and that you are supplied with a top quality award that offers durability and value for money.

While our prices are guaranteed to be low cost we certainly do not compromise on quality, so rest assured that you will be providing your team, guests or sports individuals with awards that truly present the image of your company, sports club or school.

Take the time to chat to one of us at Trophy & Medal Boutique about your requirements and you simply will not be going wrong. We will work hard to ensure that your order is delivered to you on or before the stipulated date and will even happily take on last minute orders.

Soccer Medals

Soccer Medals, Trophies and Awards – Order Online Today

In the sporting world, awards and prizes are required in order to keep team players competitive and working hard towards achieving the goals and winning games and matches. Soccer medals are a popular form of award for players in both the school and sports club environment. The most renowned sporting individuals of our time started out small in school or at their local sports club and as time passed, have grown to be the successes that they are, and this was not without reward or praise.

Of course a love for the sport is also required and that is what makes these players so dedicated to the game and the win. At Trophy & Medal Boutique we offer a wide range of medals, trophies, prizes and awards that are absolutely ideal for sporting activities. While we have a standard range on offer, it is important to note that we can custom make items for you, as long as you provide us with your specifications and give us enough lead time. We welcome last minute orders too however and will endeavour to get them delivered to you as soon as humanly possible. We offer both die struck and casted options to choose from and can offer you just about any shape and size that you want.

When ordering these items from us, it is important to keep in mind that the bigger the quantity you order, the cheaper the batch will cost. For orders of 1000 pieces or more, we charge no die or mould fee, which can save you quite a bit in the long run. Of course you should take the time to browse through our range and chat to one of our consultants about your specific needs.

Allow us to provide you with all the awards, trophies and prizes required to make your sportsmen and women feel as if they are striving towards an achievement of worth. Order your soccer medals from us and save on time, money and effort today.

Cup Trophies

Popularity Of Cup Trophies As Awards For Sport & School Events

Cup trophies will never lose their appeal, especially in the school environment where tradition is kept regarding the awarding of appropriate trophies. Who can forget the olden days of award ceremonies when the awards were arranged on a table and you waited your turn to be called?

The same prestige associated with cup trophies back then is still applicable today. The size of the cup, the shape and whether it is silver or gold still provide some indication of the importance of the performance.

As such it is understandable that cup trophies are still amongst the most preferred awards at schools, colleges, sport clubs, and universities. Just take a moment to think of the World Cup Soccer trophy or perhaps World Cup Rugby award. The sheer size of the award, coupled with the prestige of being the holding team of such an award for a year to five years, makes it worth all the effort for the athletes.

The Cost of Trophies and Awards

For understandable reasons, one will want to consider the cost of making such a trophy, which is especially true when having to award several such trophies at one ceremony. The good news is that with the new technology of today, the cost of production can be kept at an affordable level. Durable materials are used ensuring no rusting or oxidation. In addition, one can still add a plaque at the bottom base.

We as a leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality awards and trophies for corporates, schools, clubs, and community organizers, have the experience, tools, and skills to produce custom and large quantity awards.

Whether you want a glass award or one of the more traditional cup trophies you will appreciate our range and the affordability associated with such.