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The History Of Medals

The History of Medals and Why They Are Still Important

Medals have been used for centuries to acknowledge achievements, accomplishments, and prestige. These typically consisted of a metallic object that varied in composition. Some were set in gold, while others were set in silver, and some in copper or other metals. They typically contained a design that described the origin and reason why they were awarded, and most of them had a sentimental value that exceeded the monetary value. Today, they are commonly used for commemorative purposes. They do not count so much in terms of monetary value.

When it comes to the history of these objects, it is difficult to determine the exact time when they became proof of prestige and accomplishment. Centuries ago, Greek and Roman soldiers were rewarded with disks of silver for their bravery and loyalty on the battlefield. Back then, silver was more valuable than gold – it’s only in the last century that gold coins have exceeded the value of silver coins. These artworks were proudly worn by warriors to intimidate the enemy. Once they arrived home from battle, these medals bought them valuable livestock, property, and food for their families who were often on the brink of starvation during war times.

The tradition still carries on. Nowadays, a medal is awarded to those who run marathons, those who achieve great things in sports, and those who acquire great accomplishments in various fields. The military forces around the globe are especially known for rewarding heroism and great achievement with medals to soldiers who have shown extreme bravery. While most of these medals are not worth much financially, they carry tremendous sentimental value.

Because there are so many different situations in which medals are awarded, there are also many interpretations. This means that medals have become subjected to artistic expression, so some might be more attractive or creative than others.

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