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Corporate Gifts: The Perfect Employee Gift That Keeps on Giving – and Giving!

Did you know that over 85% of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs because of being recognised and appreciated? Recognition and appreciation matter, and as you reflect on the successes of 2019, it is important to acknowledge the people who have contributed to your successes – your hardworking employees. Your employees are the ones that got your business over the finish line, which means you need to step it up and credit their victory. But with a market flooded with corporate gifts – what does one gift their employees?

The Value of a Trophy, Medal, or Plaque Goes Far Beyond Its Monetary Value

While you could spoil your high achievers with a fancy lunch, gift them custom photo frames or a set of Bluetooth speakers. You could also give them something that they can keep forever like a trophy, medal, or plaque, engraved with their name and a special message. Truth is that today, life is tough, and everyone needs a good pat on the back to show them their worth and value – and medals, trophies, and plaques never fail in delivering a positive message.

Medals, trophies, and plaques are the best way to frame accomplishments and motivate employees to work harder and aim higher. Although they do not make people wealthier, they live for years. These types of awards are an act of empowerment. Adding visual appeal to any wall or desk, they can be a great icebreaker or a conversation starter.

They influence, inspire, and motivate employees to roll up their sleeves and focus on bettering themselves and their jobs – and they also combat employee turnover. Today, people want to work for a company that both motivates and rewards their employees, and these types of corporate gifts help to attract the best talent, retain the right employees, and ultimately, stay ahead of the retail game.

We Design to Honour and Applaud Triumphs

As more businesses discover the powerful benefits of corporate gifts, employee gift-giving is on the rise – and we happen to be one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of medals, trophies, and plaques. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, awards are our forte, and our corporate gifts make excellent awards. Never compromising on quality through our exceptional reputation, we design, manufacture, engrave, and deliver. Whether you are looking to commemorate, motivate, thank, recognise, or honour achievements – our awards say it all.