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The Top 3 Trends in Trophy Customisation

Custom Trophies: The Top 3 Trends in Trophy Customisation

Nothing says prestige and honour like a bespoke trophy. It’s true; when someone receives a personalised trophy specifically designed for them, it speaks volumes. A custom trophy tells the recipient that the giver has designed something unique to show them just how much their effort, friendship, hard work, or dedication means to them or their organisation.

Once restricted to only sports, these metal cups can also symbolise status, achievement, and success, in business and education. They inspire, motivate, thank, recognise, acknowledge, and honour. Unlike a monetary gift, a bottle of wine, or a hamper of gourmet edibles, trophies are ornaments that the recipient can display on a wall or in a cabinet for years and years.

If you have some hard-working employees, academics, or athletic achievers you’d like to acknowledge with custom trophies, here are the top three current trends in trophy customisation.

  1. 3D Printing: Technology has come a long way over the past decade, with 3D printing being just one of the remarkable inventions of our time. 3D laser engraving has given extra dimensions to trophy and award manufacturers. Using 3D printers and software, intricate detailing is now possible – and limited only by one’s imagination, making this trend a winner.
  2. Retro Design: The classic, chalice-shaped trophy cup shape, with its flawless natural finishing will always be a popular choice within sports and education industries, but 2020 is experiencing a blast from the past. Standing the test of time, these retro and vintage designs are once again taking centre stage.
  3. Sand Blasting: Sandblasting is a trophy trend that’s not going anywhere just yet. Also referred to as etching, this personalisation method involves blasting sand particles onto the surface of the award to create a pattern or a frosting effect. Producing clean, sharp words or pictures onto metal or glass trophies, sandblasting creates one-of-a-kind trophies, crafted by hand. The effect is stylish, and it’s the perfect way to create custom trophies.

Instead of picking the standard trophy cup or glass award from a catalogue, customise trophies for your employees, students, friends, club members, or athletes. Personalisation never goes out of style, and thanks to technology, it has become possible to personalise every single trophy awarded. If you’re on the look-out for a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and engraver of custom trophies, medals, plates, and plaques – Trophy & Medal Boutique specialise in creating well-crafted, unique awards perfect for every occasion.