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Tips for Choosing Sports Trophies

Our Top 2 Tips for Choosing Sports Trophies

Do you have a team or a player that you’d like to honour, but you’re not sure which trophy or medal is best suited to them or their sport? Sport is a gigantic business. Today, sports can open up many doors and opportunities for those who commit o the game. Talent and skill can lead any player to a fully paid school or university bursary, endorsements, or a multi-million-dollar deal that will fly them all over the world.

Sportspeople work hard to keep fit and perfect their skills so that they can break records and score goals for their team or club—and this deserves recognition. Sports trophies and medals are magnificent for rewarding players and teams for their effort and accomplishments but choosing them is not always easy. In fact, according to experts, choosing sports trophies is an art. Not only must the award make the player feel like a true winner, but it must also match the sport. When choosing your trophy, keep these two things in mind:

The Size and Weight of Trophies

Foremost, trophies must align with the player or the team, so size and weight count. Consider the age of the players—is it a high school team or are the players’ kids? This will show you whether to invest in a big trophy or many little ones. Also, this will determine the material you choose. You wouldn’t give a child a crystal trophy for winning the most tries in a rugby match, but you might give one to an adult for winning a golf, tennis, horse racing, or sailing tournament or contest.

The Quality of the Awards

Awards are meant to be displayed on mantle pieces, shelves, and dressers as reminders of what hard work and dedication can achieve. Trophies and medals are special, and as the giver, you do not want to gift a cheap trophy because not only will it rust within a year—especially if the receiver lives on the coast, but this will reflect on you as the giver. Honour players will high-quality awards that will stand the test of time.

Sports trophies mean much more than metallic ornaments—they show recognition, appreciation, and achievement. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we believe that quality athletes deserve quality recognition, so you need to gift superior awards made of excellent materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Whether you’re a teacher or a coach, choose your sports awards at Trophy & Medal Boutique. Not only do we provide a wide variety of every type of sports trophy, but we also have an in-house engraving department, and we can deliver to your door, anywhere in Johannesburg.