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Top Sports Trophies

Top Trophies for Every Sport

As our name suggests, Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in awards of numerous types. Founded in 1989, we’re based in the eastern Pretoria suburb of Garsfontein, from where we provide exceptionally comprehensive services and ranges of award tokens to clients throughout southern Africa, this continent, and the distant Middle East.  If you’re looking for trophies, we’re the place to be.

Our prestigious portfolio of clients incorporates wholesalers and retailers, who value high-quality, extensive options and choice, brilliant craftsmanship, efficient service, and value for money.

Although awarded for any number and types of achievements, these sought-after tokens, presented to persons whose efforts have exceeded and topped the accomplishments of his or her fellow competitors, are most often associated with sports.

Pinnacle of Sporting Achievement

The primary origin of trophies is commonly linked with historical sports, and the all-time greatest sporting platform, the Olympic Games. These Games represent the pinnacle of achievement in a host of competitive athletic disciplines.

First Trophies

Undoubtedly, the ancient Olympic Games set the stage for acknowledging top achievers from ancient times to this very day. Today, olives are cultivated throughout the world in areas that have a Mediterranean climate.

Nevertheless, olives, olive oil, and olive trees are always principally associated with Greece and Greek cuisine, so it’s hardly surprising that the ancient Greeks used cuttings from wild olive trees as symbolic trophies to honour and signify the winners of events in their ancient Greek games.

This Greek crown of leaves, the trophy, was known as “kotinos”. It consisted of a thin wild olive branch, twisted into a wreath that was placed on the head of an event winner. Ancient Olympic athletic sports disciplines, each with its own olive wreath for the winner in the ancient Olympic Games, evolved to include:

  • Foot races (running) over various distances
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Pentathlon – running, long jump, discus, javelin, and wrestling
  • Horse races
  • A variety of chariot races
  • Mule-cart race
  • A competition for trumpeters and heralds

The first four competitions listed were offered as separate events for men and boys. Only male competitors were permitted to participate actively in athletics. In total, there were twenty-three disciplines, of which only twenty took place every four years.

Modern Boutique Awards

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, our range of awards and trophies for particular sports may be personalised or custom-made to the requirements of customers. Typical materials, techniques, and current ranges consist of:

  • Acrylic
  • Crystal and 3D crystal
  • Glass
  • Resin
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Embedments and encapsulations
  • Plaques and shields
  • Figurines
  • Pillars
  • Cups

Whilst we don’t provide our clients and winners of sports with olive wreaths trophies, we also offer a striking range of medals, another modern-day replacement for all Olympic winners, and just as sought-after and by sports stars in every other competition in the world. Contact us for yours, whenever you wish to acknowledge winners.