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Traditional vs. Laser Engraving

What Is Better? Traditional Engraving or Laser Engraving?

After you have spent the time picking and choosing the right awards, trophies, or plaques, there comes the challenge of engraving them. Things are not like they used to be. Nowadays, you have options to choose from, including laser engraving and traditional engraving. While both are good options, it is best to understand the differences between them, so that you can make a wise choice for your particular items.

Here is a look at the major differences between traditional engraving and laser cutting.

Traditional engraving has been around for as long as most people can remember. This process etches a message or lettering onto a surface. This is a simple technique, and you might have seen it on trophies and medals from your own school days. A needle type of tool is used to carve into the surface of the item being engraved. This type of engraving is commonly used for metal surfaces.

Laser engraving uses advanced technology to create precision results. A laser is used to “burn” the design or message onto a surface. This is often referred to as laser cutting, and can be used on many materials, such as metal, resin, glass, and in some cases, even plastic. Laser engraving offers more variety in terms of fonts and designs.

How Traditional Engraving and Laser Engraving Compares

Many people get caught up in comparing laser and traditional engraving options. It must be noted that both engraving options are highly legible and look fantastic. If you want to include a logo or complex pattern or design in your engraving, laser cutting is typically used. Traditional engraving is ideal for designs that contain simple lettering.

Where to Get Your Engraving Done

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