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Trophies and Medals for Sports

Are Medals for Sports Important in SA?

In the sporting community, a trophy or medal is a symbol of victory – winning! And while winning isn’t the focus of every game, it can be quite satisfying to receive an award for your skills and achievements. Awards aren’t just for the educational and corporate environment. They certainly have their place on the sport’s field too. Medals for sports have earned their place in today’s society, which happens to be a highly competitive one. One doesn’t get ahead in the sporting world without being competitive, so such medals and awards are highly encouraged.

A medal or trophy is a token of achievement, so it’s natural for an individual to want to work towards it. The concept of only one or two awards being up for grabs will also push sporting participants to work harder and put in their best.

One just has to look at the recent 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to realise just how long awards and medals have been motivating sports, academic and corporate professionals. In fact, South Africa left the last Olympics with 2 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. The fact that leading media concerns made mention that this was South Africa’s most successful participation yet, makes it obvious that importance is placed on being awarded. With 10 medals, the country, as a whole, is bound to be eager to beat that record, and so the competitive concept is understood.

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