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Trophies for any Occasion

Trophies and Awards Recognising Achievements for any Occasion

For the team player who has gone that extra mile and supported his fellow team members, whether in a business environment or on the sports field, receiving a trophy or award is the tangible recognition of their importance in the achievement of goals. Trophies and awards have long been a reflection of the esteem with which both the group and the individual are held by their peers, and that trend is today revitalised by the sheer number and variety of different trophies and awards that are on the market for different occasions.

Today, the variety of trophies and awards that can be purchased from a reputable dealer is due in part to new materials and manufacturing techniques that have produced trophies for almost every occasion and to suit every budget. There are new acrylic materials for instance that resemble glass, but are both tougher and more cost effective to purchase. For the buyer, these new manufacturing techniques have meant that the trophies and awards can be individually designed to suit the unique requirements of any occasion, while still representing excellent value for money

In the past, trophies and awards were almost generic in appearance and the buyer could only select from a very limited catalogue of different types and styles. Today, the situation is very different. As with almost all manufacturing processes, those employed in the manufacturing of trophies and awards can now make use of materials that were in the past either extremely difficult to work with, or prohibitively expensive.

One of the most attractive materials available today is glass, which is used in a variety of forms for the manufacture of trophies and awards for a multitude of different occasions. The malleable nature of glass means that it can be moulded into almost any shape, making it ideal for use when producing trophies and awards to individual customer requirements.

There is also a wide variety of different finishes and engraving techniques that can be used when glass is the manufacturing medium for awards and trophies. Glass can be used in a polished state or sand blasted to give a timeless and high-quality finish to the trophy or award, and engraving can be accomplished in a number of ways.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we can provide you with a plethora of different types of trophies. You will be able to find the right trophy for any occasion, because if for any reason you do not find the right fit for you in our catalogue, we will be able to custom make a trophy for you that will fit all of the requirements of your specific occasion.