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Trophies for Every Occasion

Trophies for Every Occasion

The way we hold events is one aspect that has changed because of the effects of the pandemic on our lives. Nowadays, larger events have moved into the virtual world to limit our contact with groups of people.

Many occasions that call for the awarding of trophies may have skipped this step altogether as we don’t frequently physically attend such group events any longer. But our need for recognition and pride in being awarded for our achievements didn’t dissipate because of how we attend events. In fact, for many of us, it may be more necessary to have our accomplishments acknowledged and celebrated when we’re not able to receive praise directly. Here at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we understand how important it is to celebrate successes and victories and know the value and pride that comes with receiving memorable awards.


When Should You Use Trophies?

In its base form, a trophy is a tangible reminder of a notable achievement. This can be for work, academia, or sporting events, and, of course, cultural evenings.

Sporting events are currently returning to normal and physical attendance to some degree is again taking place. For example, the Equestrian Sports School’s League ended quite recently, where young horse riders compete for provincial colours. Similarly, the Horse of the Year competition took place. In these types of competitions, awards are commonplace and essential to celebrate the winners’ success. The same can be said for dancing competitions and piano recitals. Trophies lend a sense of pride to these events. It ends up meaning more when you know that you will receive recognition for your proud achievement.

Still, if your corporate end-of-year function is taking place online, it doesn’t mean that your loyal employees should receive nothing but a mere thank you for their hard work. Send them accolades to show appreciation by shopping online at Trophy & Medal Boutique and making use of our online brochure.


Tried-and-Tested Trophies

All considered trophies are timeless pieces that are still precious and valued. As symbols of celebration, praise and achievement, they should still form a part of any event or ceremony, whether it is physical or virtual.

Trophy & Medal Boutique has been perfecting the art of creating bespoke awards since 1989. Our expertise has made us a leader in the industry in Africa, and our work pays testimony to our impressive product offering – a display of fine quality at competitive prices. We don’t only offer stock trophies, but also customisable awards that can be tailored to your unique requirements.


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