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Trophies For Sale

Treating Winners to Trophies

Because it’s been done for centuries and today’s media reports widely on the results of a variety of popular competitive events, most people are aware that it’s common practice to award trophies to winners. However, these items represent a number of additional sentiments and advantages, directly or somewhat more subtly.

Significance of Trophies

So, what else do trophies imply, and what is their significance, both to the giver as well as the recipient?

  • These items are visible, tangible tokens, which recognise and indicate that the recipient/s have out-performed their fellow competitors.
  • A winning performance is indicative of hard work, hours, days, months, and possibly years spent studying, practising, training and participating in a progression of competitive events to measure and develop the individual’s or team’s abilities, beyond the average or norm.
  • By awarding a trophy, the person or body making the award may also express thanks, gratitude, respect, and admiration for the recipient’s on-going efforts, commitment to a common cause or goal and determination to achieve it.
  • Recipients are deservedly proud of their awards and the accompanying kudos and accolades they receive. Their trophies are usually placed prominently at home, on display in the lounge, on a mantelpiece or a shelf, mounted on a wall, suspended from a hook or rail, in a home pub or library, or in a dedicated trophy room (if and when many or exceptionally large awards have been accumulated).
  • Winning an award may be an incentive or a goal for competitors, even when they perceive that they are competing against themselves.
  • Competitions provide participants with opportunities to measure their progress, as well as how their best efforts measure up against those of their counterparts.
  • Act as an example and incentive for others, who’d also like to win an award of their own, which they now see as achievable and attainable.
  • It’s important to all parties that the award of choice includes customised branding or commemorative insignia, which increases the item’s value and significance to both the recipient and the person or organisation presenting the award.

Specialised Merchants

Trophy & Medal Boutique is a Pretoria-based South African concern, merchants who supply an impressive portfolio of retail and wholesale clients with extensive ranges of awards. Furthermore, we have the experience, skills, equipment, and trained personnel to ensure that your items have a personalised impact.

Virtually all types of trophies are on offer, and we can also custom-make items to your specifications. Our ranges are not limited to, but include cups, plaques and shields, pillars, figurines, embedments and encapsulations, and may be made of glass, crystal, wood, resin, metal, or acrylic materials. If you can imagine it, relatively realistically, the chances are excellent that we can make and/or customise your ideal award that says it all.