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Corporate Gift Ideas: Trophies and Plaques

The culture and environment of a workplace is a massive factor when it comes to the general happiness and mindset of your employees. To increase motivation, drive and passion, the most important thing you can do is to show your employees that they are appreciated and that their hard work is not only recognised but appreciated too.

Corporate awards are a great way to convey this sense of appreciation and reward those who have worked hard during the year. Trophies and plaques add a memorable and personal touch to your awards and will ensure that it is an occasion that won’t be easily forgotten.

As you embark on your journey to pick the perfect trophy or plaque, you may start to feel a little out of your depth when it comes to choosing the right size or shape – and yes, it might just matter. To help you with the process of finding the right trophies or plaques for your personal or corporate awards, take a look at our top tips when it comes to purchasing the right trophies and plaques.

What’s the Difference Between a Plaque and a Trophy?

When thinking of awards, the first thing that comes to mind would be trophies. Although they are generally seen as the most common award, plaques are quickly gaining popularity. So, what’s the big difference? Well, trophies are usually cup-shaped and can be made from silver, glass, wood, and many other materials. Plaques are usually shaped as a plate or tablet and slightly more affordable. It is also custom to pass trophies along every year to the next winner. Plaques, however, are personalised and tailored to every specific winner.

The Benefits of Trophies and Plaques

The design of plaques offers various options for tailored engravings or inscriptions. Plaques are also a great option for employee awards as they tend to take up less space and can easily be mounted on the wall. Plaques are also less fragile and less maintenance than glass or silver trophies and allow you to appreciate them without having to break the bank.

If you’re on the lookout for the best award to give to someone special, browse through our large collection of trophies and medals. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we also offer customised awards, bespoke to your specific requirements. For more information on our products, feel free to contact us on our website, or give us a call – we’d love to help!