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Trophies with Laser Cutting

Let Your Clients Appreciate the Beauty of Trophies with Laser Cutting!

While it is fairly commonplace for trophies to be handed out at a variety of events, the trophies that are engraved with laser cutting stand out above the rest. The results are clean and long lasting, and the quality of the engraving is hard to ignore. It is no longer just metal objects that can be engraved with the use of laser cutting; other blocks of resin or glass can also have messages, logos, or images engraved. For instance, laser cutting can be used to engrave a three-dimensional logo, message, or symbol inside a cube of glass or resin.

Laser cutting is performed with specialised machinery which is computerised to generate the perfect image. Computer programs are able to alter and improve these images in a few seconds to achieve the desired results.

While it is customary to provide employees and clients with the usual engraving on a plaque or metal cup, giving them a block of glass or a highly transparent resin paperweight containing a three-dimensional image packs much more of a punch. These objects are durable, beautiful to look at from all angles, and highly desirable. They can be used as paperweights or stunning objects to display in your office or home.

Laser cutting brings a unique quality to the display object. It is interesting to look at, and virtually any image can be cut into the object in three-dimensional forms. This makes them highly unusual and visually impactful. Your clients and employees will be delighted with this wonderful object that displays their prestige.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have all the equipment necessary to bring wonder to the items that we create. Whether it is plain engraving, using sandblasting to cut an image into stone or glass, or even using the latest technology to create laser cutting, you can be assured that our products will grab attention.

If you are keen to learn more about how laser cutting is applied to make items more special and exclusive, give our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique a call. We stock a large number of unique items that go way beyond the ubiquitous trophy or cup. We would be only too happy to create highly desirable objects for you to display or to give to your clients as reminders of your wonderful service and/or great products that you have provided for them.