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Types of Trophies

Which Types of Trophies Do You Need?

As anyone who has ever shopped for trophies knows, there are so many types of trophies to choose from. It can quickly become overwhelming and you can feel inundated with the many options available to you. So how do you scale down and pinpoint which trophies or medals you want? Start off by finding out what options are available to you.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we receive requests for different types of trophies on a daily basis. Our company services individuals and businesses throughout South Africa and as far as the Middle East. Throughout our long history of service dating back to the 1980s, we have worked hard to become a respected authority on medals and trophies in South Africa, and continue to lead the way forward in the industry.

We have developed an extensive range of products throughout our decades of operations that have been celebrated for its originality, quality and aesthetic appeal. Some of the many types of trophies that you can expect from us include:

  • Cup trophies;
  • Resin trophies;
  • Acrylic trophies;
  • Wooden trophies;
  • Glass and marble trophies;
  • Crystal and 3D crystal trophies; and
  • Figuring trophies, to name only a few.

Enjoy More Value for Money from Trophy & Medal Boutique

When you purchase your trophies and medals through us, you can be assured that you are enjoying the very best value for money. Thanks to our great buying power, we are able to keep our prices competitively low, carrying over great savings to you. This places our customers in an even better position to afford the very best trophies and medals available.

Aside from offering medals and trophies, we also offer many other products, services and solutions. We bring extensive experience, skills and resources to our industry, which enables us to expertly execute our designs and products to the finest detail. Some of the many other services and products that you can expect from us include customised and stock plaques and shields, buckles and key rings, and lapels and pins.

We also specialise in sublimation and heat transfer printing, as well as embossing and embossing die cutting, electroplating and bronzing, and digital printing, to name a few. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the industry and continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Speak to us today to learn more about our extensive range of different types of trophies.