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Ubiquitous Keyrings

The Ubiquitous Keyring Has Come a Long Way

Keyrings really came into their own once people had keys! It might seem unimaginable to us, but our feudal and largely agrarian societies of yore tied their doors shut with a rope or buried precious things to maintain ownership. The phrase “under lock and key” is a modern idiom, because once padlocks and keys became mainstream, most of the working class was still out of the new security loop. Of course, today these accessories can be so much more than a functional ring upon which to hang your keys. Automakers particularly, as well as most other businesses have seen the value in branded keyrings since automobiles became such an integral part of modern life. That might change considering new technologies like facial recognition and proximity or touch technology that are employed in modern luxury vehicles, as they might one day make car keys obsolete. It’s likely, though, that keyrings will then simply morph into whatever instrument we employ to open and start cars as it’s hard to imagine a world where everything is run on simple facial recognition.

Today, a keyring might be considered bling, a status symbol or simply indicative of a corporate ethos, which is a far cry from a rusty ring of jailer’s keys – the image we tend to imagine when we think of historical keyholders. It makes sense that automakers would design and brand their keyrings, as car keys are one of only two sets of keys carried by billions every day. The other is a set of house keys and between them, they’re constant companions. Very few other items can claim such a constant presence in our daily lives, which for a commercial mind makes keyrings a high-value route to consumer consciousness. There are other reasons to have bespoke keyrings, of course, and oftentimes they are employed as part of the corporate memorabilia given out to staff. There might also be celebration or commemoration behind modern keyrings, and limited editions for sports teams, sales organisations and the like are always welcomed by recipients.

Come to Trophy and Medal Boutique for the Best in Keyrings

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we are bespoke keyring manufacturers, and our end products are always unique and expertly rendered. For these accessories to become a part of someone’s everyday life it’s important to look good! No one will hang onto a boring, clunky, or otherwise unattractive keyring for long, hence the need for smart design and excellent final finish.

When keyrings need to carry a message, make an impression, or induce a good feeling, make sure you call on Trophy and Medal Boutique first. We’ll design to your specifications, offer you our expertise around design and materials, and ensure that you get the best result - just what you were looking for.