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Unique Trophies

Unique Trophies Around the World

Winning a trophy is a feeling like no other. Not only does it pay tribute to something you love to do, but it is a reminder of your hard work and dedication that paid off. Now, even though each trophy is unique, some trophies give a new meaning to the word ”bespoke”. To help inspire you for your own customisable trophy, here is a look at what is considered some of the most beautiful trophies in the world.

The Wimbledon Trophy

The Gentlemen’s Singles Championship Trophy has become renowned as one of the most beautiful trophies in the world. The trophy is made from silver gilt and stands at 18 inches tall. For those who are interested in a closer look at the critically acclaimed trophy, the inscription on the cup reads, “The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World”. Those with a keen eye may have also noticed a miniature gold pineapple on the top of the trophy. Although the meaning behind the pineapple remains a mystery to this day, many have argued that pineapples were seen as a delicacy in the 17th century, hence being presented with one was seen as a great compliment.

The Webb Ellis Cup

The Webb Ellis Cup is awarded to the winning team of the men’s rugby world cup. Although this cup may have sentimental value to many South Africans, it is a trophy that is known throughout the world for its prestige. The trophy is made from silver gilt and is 38 cm tall and weighs 4,5 kg. The pineapple on the top of the cup symbolises prestige and South Africa is currently the proud title holder of the cup.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy

It is not hard to see why the FIFA World Cup Trophy is one seen as one of the most beautiful trophies in the world. Weighing an astounding 6 kg and made from 18-carat gold the trophy is a sight to behold. The green base of the trophy is also made from a mineral called malachite. This mineral was chosen as the green resembles the soccer field and the mineral can be found on every continent in the world.

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