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Versatile Plaque

Let’s Hear It for the Versatile Plaque

Plaques are known and recognised in a remarkably familiar way across humanity, regardless of the nation, the field of endeavour, or the nature of the plaque. We all know that plaques signify an achievement, a celebration of performance, a commemoration of someone doing something good, or well. Because awards are a great way of saying congratulations, thank you, or simply well done, their value has only risen in the modern era.

Practically, plaques don’t present the storage challenges of trophies and other more ornate awards. Indeed, many people say, “wall plaque”, hinting at the most logical and effective route to displaying yours by hanging them on a wall. Because they’re generally flat and highly amenable to a poster-style display, a single plaque amidst other hangings on a wall can focus attention, and the more awards that dominate a wall, the merrier! They might be easy to store and display, but their value hasn’t lessened over the longest time.


Plaques Are No Johnny-Come-Lately

Although plaques can trace their history a respectable distance back into the Middle Ages, they likely enjoyed currency long before that too. It must be said that the classic wooden plaque with metal plate inscription has persisted as a common style, notwithstanding the host of modern materials available today. Glass is a popular substitute for the metal strips on the traditional ones, and between them, the modern materials and techniques of rendering have only enhanced the status of plaques per se.

Whereas before, organisers were often compelled to stick to historical formats and materials when designing awards, there are a host of alternative options available today. That said, the classic rendition of a plaque as polished wood with an emblem, and a bottom strip of polished metal suitably engraved, remains an elegantly simple yet popular choice. Perhaps because of our nostalgia or sense of tradition, wooden options today remain a stylish and professional route to celebrate others’ achievements with a custom-designed award. The positive reverberations of recognising someone’s achievements at work or at play are felt by all participants.

Plaques inspire a healthy ambition to succeed, and there are innumerable benefits for companies who reward their staff in this way too. It’s such a positive thing, the repercussions are great! They inspire others to strive for recognition of their performance too, encapsulating a sense of positive achievement more wholeheartedly than almost anything else.


Trophy and Medal Boutique is Plaque Plaza

When you want to reward, inspire, or simply acknowledge someone’s contribution, plaques from Trophy and Medal Boutique will say it all. Equally at home in the classic awards arena, as we are amongst the modern materials and techniques employed in the making of today’s plaques and other awards, Trophy and Medal Boutique will give you the best for less than you might expect.

We love seeing our clients’ designs come to life, and we value long term relationships. You won’t be fleeced by us, rather pleasantly surprised at our pricing. More than that, you’ll love the final product and final finish. We’re fastidious in our design and manufacturing process, and we deliver only quality goods for the best impression when it counts. We’ll draw on our extensive experience to create from the range of glass, alloys, and other modern additions to the plaques range, to craft just what you want, as you want it.

Call us today to discuss your needs, and we’ll show you how pleasant, affordable, and successful the process can be.