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Videoflex Transfers

Videoflex Transfers Are Cost-Effective For Image Printing On Material

Videoflex transfers entail a process of digital printing of the images to be transferred and then the application of heat to transfer the images onto the desired items. Silkscreen printing is suitable for a large range of items, but videoflex transferring has several advantages that cannot be overlooked including that of:

  • Ability to print small runs such as only four to ten items rather than having to print in bulk.
  • It is a cost effective solution for the person who doesn’t want to create large numbers of an item.
  • Videoflex transfers offer customisable printing options.
  • The process is quick and you can have the product completed the same day.
  • Wide variety of printing options including that of glitter and reflective prints.
  • There is no need to first set a screen in order to do the printing.
  • Images print clear ensuring excellent detail.
  • The customer can provide artwork of choice.

It should be noted that videoflex heat transfers cannot be done on any type of material. If used for clothing, it is imperative to cold wash the items as to prevent the image from being damaged. Too harsh detergents and regular washing can lead to fading of the image. The end-product, however, is stunning and well-suited for promotions.

Trophy& Medal Boutique offers a wide range of promotional items such as fashion bags upon which videoflex transfers can be done. Whether you want to present the bags or even T-shirts to your corporate clients, require something for a gift or simply for yourself, you will find our printing prices to be competitive and the promotional items to be stunning. Backpacks, caps, umbrellas, and travel bags are well-suited for printing upon through a videoflex method. We have several types in stock, helping you to make the most of corporate promotions.

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