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What You Didn’t Know About Sports Medals

Sports Medals: 3 Things You Didn’t Know about Olympic Medals

Issuing sports medals is a practice that has been around for centuries, and it’s a symbolic way of rewarding sporting people for their accomplishments, dedication, and hard work. One of the most prestigious sports medals one can obtain is an Olympic medal and being awarded one is a proud moment for not only the recipient, but also for their entire country.

As only a few have had the opportunity to see an Olympic medal up close, we’ve compiled a list of top three things you probably didn’t know about the Olympic medal.

The Gold Sports Medal

The composition of the gold Olympic sports medal doesn’t contain that much gold at all. In fact, this sports medal is at least 92,5% silver, plated with gold. Ever since the Olympic Games of 1912, no player has received a solid gold medal.

As the Olympic Games progressed, different countries have boasted unique compositions of their gold, silver, and bronze medals. Japan’s Tokyo 2020 has even revealed that its Olympic medals are made from recycled mobile phones!

Unique Design

Every Olympic medal is specifically designed according to the year and the country that is hosting the Olympic Games. Before the Games, the announcement of the year’s specific medal design is much anticipated, and every country decides on the symbolic design and composition of the medals. For the upcoming Tokyo games, their design is intended to symbolise diversity and represent a world where people who dedicatedly compete in sports are honoured.

The History of the Gold Medal

Gold sports medals weren’t always customary at the Olympic Games. During the first modern Olympics in 1896, first place was awarded by giving the winner a simple olive wreath and silver medal. The famous gold, silver and bronze medals were first awarded and made custom during the summer Olympics of 1904.

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