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What You Need to Know About Awards Evenings

Making Awards Evenings Trendy

The year is slowly limping to a close and soon we will all be breathing a sigh of relief around our Christmas trees and celebrating the New Year. But, for now, it’s still 2021 and the end of the year means only one thing for schools: awards evenings.

Yes, it is time to celebrate the various achievements of the past year and every school should go out of its way to make the evening trendy and memorable. After all, it’s the end of the school year and every student deserves to feel special.

Why Are Awards Evenings Important?

If you are preparing for your memorable evening of the year, it might be helpful to look at why these ceremonies are important in the first place, especially with regard to schools.

Perhaps most importantly, an awards ceremony boosts morale. If a student is rewarded for various achievements, whether academic, cultural or sport-related they are more likely to pursue excellence. The recognition of their hard work encourages them to persevere. A ceremony can also boost the image of your school. Parents are more likely to send their children to a school that acknowledges and celebrates their children’s achievements. So, it might be time to start displaying accolades won by deserving learners in the form of bespoke trophies and medals from Trophy & Medal Boutique.


Make an Awards Evening Memorable

One way to make anything special is to customise the experience. For example, you could offer a variety of awards categories and add a few unique ones. This way, more students will have their chance in the spotlight, and you have the opportunity to hand out more than just plain certificates. Here at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we offer a wide range of items and services, from trophies and medals to keyrings and engraving services. In fact, we even cater to your unique needs and can make trophies and medals that suit your specific requirements.

If you are worried that increasing the number of awards will also lead to an increase in cost, this can be the case as you would have to pay extra for different moulds.  However, if you order 1000 medals or over, Trophy & Medal Boutique will not charge you for the “die” cast. So, it would be a win for you and your school’s budget to have more options. Also, if you prefer stock trophies and medals, we will not charge for the moulds at all. Even our quotation is free so you can save more and put these funds into making your award ceremony even more spectacular.


If you want your school to shine this year, visit Trophy & Medal Boutique or contact us for a quote.