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Why Keyrings are Great Gifts

Keyrings as Gifts

 The season of gift-giving is fast approaching and it’s time to start seeking special presents for your nearest and dearest. But finding the perfect gift can often be a more difficult task than we assume it to be. Who of us hasn’t drawn a blank when thinking of gift ideas? Of course, we want to show that we care by putting effort into our gift selection, but we also don’t want to break the bank while we’re at it.

The hunt for ideal gifts is over. A small token of care and affection can be found in keyrings, as these gifts can be personalised and unique, while still being affordable gift options.


Versatile Options

Keyrings can come in many types of materials. They can be made of fabric, metal, plastic, and even leather. This means that you can choose either high-quality materials, more affordable options, or even a bit of both, depending on your requirements. Here at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we can offer you keyrings made of either steel or plastic, so you are guaranteed to find good-looking and quality gifts this season.

Customisable is the Way to Go

Keyrings can also come in many different shapes and sizes. Trophy & Medal Boutique offers a customisable experience, so you can give us your requirements and we will provide the mould. You can request circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and more creative shapes that come to mind. You could even get a keyring that opens bottles for your dad or beer-loving friend.

If you are looking for a large number of gifts to, for example, hand out to employees, clients and co-workers, then you will be happy to know that we do not charge you for the moulds if you purchase 1000 items or more. This means that ordering in bulk is more beneficial to you in the long run.

Another way to customise your gift and make it more unique would be to engrave it. We offer engraving services right on the premises – you can find us at 529 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein, Pretoria. Our engraving services include normal engraving as well as logos, so you can even give your boss a memorable gift or offer keyrings for promotional reasons. Also, your company or organisation’s information can be embossed onto the keyring, on one or both sides, depending on your preferences.


If you want to find out more information or get a free quote, contact us via email at either or or by cell phone at 066 007 9768. Make gifting season extra special this year with a selection of bespoke and creative keyrings from the experts at Trophy & Medal Boutique.