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Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards

The Beauty of Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards

Receiving an award is a proud moment in anyone’s life, especially if it’s specifically designed for you and has your name and achievements engraved into it. Wood and Acrylic Trophy Awards stand as a reminder of your perseverance, talent, and passion. Not only does it celebrate your triumph, but it symbolises the support and love of all those around you who have been rooting for you all the way and want to share in your victory.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality and pristine awards for any occasion. Our extensive range of awards and medals include our popular wood and acrylic trophy awards. If properly looked after, a trophy can stay in mint condition for many years and can be passed down the generations to come. If you’re looking to purchase one of our awards, or if you have recently been gifted one, we want to make sure that it stays in tip-top shape. To help you maintain your trophies, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines on how to take care of your wood and acrylic trophy awards over the years.

Proper Care for Wood Trophies

If you are the proud owner of a wooden trophy, the most low-maintenance way of keeping it in good shape, is by ensuring that it is properly stored in a glass casing. This will limit the dust build-up over the years. However, it is still essential that you dust off your wooden trophy every now and again with a soft and dry microfiber cloth.

Proper Care for Acrylic Trophies

Acrylic trophies can be a valuable and beautiful addition to your trophy collection. Their lightweight exterior allows for various unique designs, making them truly bespoke to each owner.  The most essential part of maintaining your acrylic trophy is not as much what you should use, but what you should steer away from using. Refrain from cleaning your trophy with any household cleaning agents. Some warm water should do the job just fine.

Whether you’re looking for wood and acrylic trophy awards, or if you’d like to take a look at our vast range of medals and trophies – we’re confident you will find a fit that embodies the hard work and determination of the person who is receiving it. If you would like a closer look at our products, feel free to pop into our store – we’d gladly help you find what you’re looking for.