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Wooden Plaque

Benefits of Buying Wooden Plaques

Plaques are popular for memorials, corporate gifts and to show the achievements by others within schools, clubs and similar. While there are various materials that your plaque can be made from, why are wooden plaques so popular? There are various benefits to using plaques made of wood. First and foremost, these are versatile products as they can be used both indoors and outdoors, effectively.

Also consider the following benefits of wooden plaques:

  • These plaques can be custom designed according to your specifications. Whether you are using them for signage or decorative awards, you will find that you can get the type and style of plaque that you desire.
  • Those looking for an eco-friendly option can have recycled wood made into plaques.
  • Wooden plaques require very little in terms of maintenance, as long as they are properly treated. Painting and sealing the unit is very easily done and this will probably only need to be touched up on an annual basis, if the unit is hung outside and exposed to the elements. You can expect the unit to remain in an excellent condition for many years to come.
  • Wood is a cost-effective alternative to other materials available on the market.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we stock a variety of plaques for you to choose from. We can custom design them for you or you can choose from our existing range of ready-made units. Either way, you can expect to be provided with a top-quality product that offers value for money and undeniable longevity.

Trophy & Medal Boutique has been serving the market since as early as 1989. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients are provided with a range of products that perfectly meets with their needs, even exceeds them. Our services are provided professionally and cost-effectively, and if you are not sure if your project ideas can be brought to life, give us a try – we will do what we can to create awards, trophies, plaques and similar, which are perfectly suited to your needs and available budget.

When it comes to finding wooden plaques that you will be proud to present to the selected recipients, Trophy & Medal Boutique should be your very first port of call. We encourage all of those looking for plaques to contact us via email or telephone, so that we can present you with our range and a quotation to consider.