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Laser Cutting

Modern Laser Cutting is a Trophy’s Final Finish

When you’re making a sports or other trophy, it’s guaranteed to demand some precision cutting. Even before we talk about engraving and other final finishes, laser cutting machines will do the exacting work of preparing the materials to precise dimensions. You might be wondering what the difference is between a laser cutter and a laser engraver? Well, it’s the application that differs, as the same laser technology is used, usually in the form of the same tool that can both cut and engrave. Continue reading


Nothing Says Smart Like the Final Engraving on a Trophy

How long has the art of engraving been around? You might think that the epoch known as the Iron Age would have heralded it as a standard art form or practical measure of branding an item, but that’s way too conservative. The Bronze Age of some 3000 years ago? That too is still far too short-sighted. As it turns out, researchers some years ago discovered an Indonesian seashell engraved by human hands, and those hands were attached to a living person at least 430,000 years ago! That’s a mighty respectable history, and it’s obvious why the craft has persisted. Continue reading

Medals and Trophies

Medals and Trophies Are Still the Human Way of Recognition and Prestige

You might remember receiving an award in your younger school days, or you might be competing right now as an adult for the medals and trophies with which we populate our various fields of human endeavour. Either way, no matter what the occasion past or present, the human activity of awarding accolades has hale origins, and remains to this day our preferred method of recognising achievement, and giving competitors a lasting symbol of their performance. Continue reading

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