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What Other Emblem Has Proved as Durable as the Trophy?

Although some of the younger generations might not be aware of the history, trophies have been around for thousands of years. It might amuse you to know, thinking of the glitter of modern sporting cups, that early awards were wholly symbolic. They were also wholly dull! While a laurel wreath, twisted and made to fit on the winner’s head, might have been fine for the ancient Greeks at their Olympic Games, today’s expectations centre on something a little more glamorous and durable!

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Versatile Plaque

Let’s Hear It for the Versatile Plaque

Plaques are known and recognised in a remarkably familiar way across humanity, regardless of the nation, the field of endeavour, or the nature of the plaque. We all know that plaques signify an achievement, a celebration of performance, a commemoration of someone doing something good, or well. Because awards are a great way of saying congratulations, thank you, or simply well done, their value has only risen in the modern era.

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Awards Ceremony

Awards CeremonyWho Wants Tickets?

Many a promoter, from ancient times to the present day, has capitalised on our love for awards ceremonies, with a rather prominent channel epitomising our penchant for watching awards shows. TV isn’t the only one incorporating these ceremonies into its repertoire to attract custom, however, but the platform is certainly indicative of our fascination for these kinds of ceremonies.

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